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About the East Mountain Chamber of Commerce

The East Mountain Chamber of Commerce supports the unique quality of life and balanced growth of quality business by promoting programs designed to increase the aesthetic values of the area, and pro-actively intervening in issues that impact economic expansion and planned business growth.


Dick Holbein started the East Mountain Chamber of Commerce, which was incorporated in 1984.

Dick was the first real real-estate developer in the area and built the Cedar Crest Center which was the first strip shopping center in the East Mountains. 

Some of the first members were Bill and Kathy Cushing from Burger Boy, Gene and Carolyn D'Day, along with Harwood Rice and Doris Miller from Mountain Realty. Ido Guelfi, owner of Bella Vista was also a member and that is where the chamber lunch meetings originated.  There were no more than a dozen members the first year. The Barn Dinner Theater were members, as well as Pete's Mexican restaurant.  

Development of businesses was difficult at first as community members did not want the rural nature of the East Mountain area to change.

Board of Directors

Lissette Carter, President 

Legacy Church Edgewood


(505) 286-7116

David Tixier, Vice President

Mags Indoor Shooting Range


(505) 338-2222

Nathan Jeffcoat, Treasurer

Sunrun Solor, Inc.



Mary Dammann, Secretary

Hard Water Solutions Plus


(505) 450-4252

Elizabeth Morantes, Member at Large

Bank of the West


(505) 407-3006

Tim Carter, Member at Large

Legacy Church Edgewood


(505) 281-7116

Elise Taylor, Member at Large

U.S. Bank


(505) 832-9661

Nancy Carpenter, Ex-Officio
Automated Systems, Inc

(505) 281-2393

Bob Brittain, Ex-Officio
Creative Award Concepts, Inc.

(505) 286-8482

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